Next Opera

So, next opera, Die Fledermaus could not come at a better time. Even though this production will be  in English I had the awesome chance to watch it in German for my research. And, yes, last semester was my first time taking German classes.

This time around, Monica Furchi – our photographer for 2 of Carmen perfomances – is joining me in the costume designing process. Welcome, Monica. I’m sure you’ll not only have a lot of fun, but you’ll get to practice what you know, learn new things and meet some awesome people.

Here are some images that I have been using to help me create my vision:

*The images above do not belong to me. They are just great help to my research.

For this production I will not be making a full garment because I have been working on another project.


I can’t wait to bring more accomplishments out in this blog. Thanks to the few, but very very very meaningful people that read it and support me throughout this process. Can never forget to thank the family – you are my best quality.



Carmen – A Los Angeles Metropolitan L’Opera production



All photos by Monica Furchi.

Costume/Styling by Paula Fradio and Virginia Stewart Britton

Carmen, by Bizet – a Los Angeles Metropolitan L’Opera production. Fall 2011


All images taken by Monica Furchi.

Costume and Styling by Paula Fradio and Virginia Stewart Britton

Love Opera? Great. Come see Carmen.

Don’t like Opera? No problem. Come fall in love.